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Japan offers visitors from abroad a lot of worthwhile places to see and things to do for free. The..

Why Go? A frozen hinterland with a wild frontier spirit, Hokkaidō ( 北海道 ) is defined by everything..

Why Go? Travelling in Western Honshū ( 本州西部 ) reveals a tale of two coastlines. San-yō (literally..

Why Go? Kansai ( 関西 ) is the heart of Japan. Nowhere else in the country can you find so much of..

Why Go? For much of its history, Kyoto ( 京都 ) was Japan. Even today, Kyoto is the place to go to..

Why Go? Japan’s heartland in both geography and attitude, Central Honshū ( 本州中部 , ‘Honshū Chūbu’..

Why Go? Chaotic yet organised, hyper-modern yet utterly classic, garish yet demure, unique yet..