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Japan offers visitors from abroad a lot of worthwhile places to see and things to do for free. The..

The year 2011 was indeed a terrible year for the Japanese, and it came hard on the heels of two..

No other aspect of Japanese culture is as widely misunderstood as the geisha. First – and let’s get..

Japan is in hot water. Literally. The stuff percolates up out of the ground from one end of the..

Let’s face it: a hotel is a hotel wherever you go. And while some of Japan’s hotels are very nice..

ARTS Traditional Visual Art Painting From 794 to 1600, Japanese painting borrowed from Chinese and..

Those familiar with Japanese cuisine ( nihon ryōri ) know that eating is half the fun of travelling..

The uniqueness and peculiarity of the Japanese is a favourite topic of both Western observers and..

To get a grip on the history of Japan, try thinking of the history of the British Isles, but..