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Need to Know

Need to Know

» Yen (¥)
» Japanese
» ATMs in post offices and some convenience stores accept foreign cards. Most hotels and department stores, but only some restaurants and ryokan, accept credit cards.
» Visas are issued on arrival for most nationalities for stays of up to 90 days.
» Only 3G phones work in Japan. SIM cards are very hard to find. Mobile phone rental is common and easy.
» Brilliant public transport system: trains, buses, ferries and planes are all widely available and efficient.

Your Daily Budget
» Guesthouse room: ¥2800
» Two meals: ¥2000
» Train/bus tickets: ¥1500
» Temple/museum entry: ¥500
» Sundries: ¥1000
MIDRANGE ¥15,000– 20,000
» Business hotel room: ¥9000
» Two meals: ¥4000
» Train/bus tickets: ¥1500
» Two temple/museum entries: ¥1000
» Sundries: ¥2000

TOP END OVER ¥20,000
» First-class hotel room: ¥20,000
» Two meals: ¥6000
» Train/bus/taxi: ¥4500
» Two temple/museum entries: ¥1000
» Sundries: ¥2000

» Flights are pricey around the Golden Week (early May), O-Bon (mid-August) and New Year.
» Honshū cities are busy in the cherry blossom (late March to early April) and autumn foliage (November) seasons.

» June and July is rainy season in most of Japan (except Hokkaidō) – it doesn’t rain every day but it can be pretty humid.
» Autumn (September to mid-December) is usually cool and clear.

» Winter is cool or cold in most of Honshū, but it’s fine for travel.
» Be ready for snow in the mountains.

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